Alcatel TCL A1X User Manual (TracFone)

User manual for Alcatel TCL A1X (A503DL) contains every single information regarding the phone, its features, functions, instruction on how to use each app, troubleshoot, safety use and many more, to make sure you will get the most of the phone.

Alcatel TCL A1X User Manual

TracFone Alcatel TCL A1X (A503DL) is a simple phone, but even the simplest phone this day equipped with so many features and function.

It is not easy to understand every single of those features unless you have something to guide you.

Comes the Alcatel TCL A1X user manual, your guide book that explains everything you need and must know about the phone.

It explains the phone physical aspect, its function, how to use each of its function, how to use its special features, and so on.

Who will benefit from this user manual? Basically everyone such as those people that never use a phone from Alcatel and wish to uncover more information about this phone.

What about people that never even hold a phone before? They are the one that will benefit from this user manual even more.

So, let’s get started and see what kind of information you can find from Alcatel TCL A1X (A503DL) user manual.

Your Mobile

Before you start using this phone, you need to know exactly what are you dealing with. Start with finding out everything about the phone.

The “Your Mobile” section on Alcatel TCL A1X user manual contains so many information that was divided into several subsections and they are:

  • Keys and connector, telling you about the types of keys and connector that you will find on the phone along with information what it was and how to use it.
  • Getting started that will you the first step on using the phone.
  • Home screen and the entire aspect within such as touch screen, status bar, notification, and so on.

Text Input

This section will tell you everything about how to use the on-screen keyboard, how to enter a text, edit it, and delete it.

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This section contains information on how to placing a call, accepting a call, rejecting a call, and browse through the call history.


Make sure you don’t lose all those valuable contacts by saving the phone number in the phone book.

You can learn how to add a new phone number as a contact, import and export contacts between phone storage and SIM Card, and also share contact with other people via Bluetooth or any other means.


This phone allows you to create, edit, and receive SMS and MMS. How to do that?

You can find whole information about this aspect in the “Message” section of this user manual.


In Alcatel TCL A1X, you can send and receive email not only from your Gmail account but also from other email accounts including external POP3 and IMPA.

The great thing about this phone is that it has an email wizard guide. It will help you to set up a new email account in no time.

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Getting Connected

This section will tell you how you can connect the phone to a computer or to the internet. This way, you can connect with other people easily.

Find My Location Using GPS

Activate the Global Positioning Service on Alcatel TCL A1X by following the step by step guide in this user manual.

When you already active it, you will be able to find your location and use the maps to guide you anywhere you want to go.

Data Backup

We usually store so many files, document, and photos on our phone.

To make sure that all your files, photos, and other data application didn’t get lost in case the phone is broken down or when you need to transfer the data to a new phone, you need to back up the whole thing to Google server using your Google account. Learn how to perform this action in this section.

Factory Data Reset

This section will tell you how to do factory data reset that will wipe out all of your personal data in this phone.

Applications & Internal Storage

Find out more about the built-in Google application available on this phone. This section will also inform you about the matter of internal storage of the phone.

Safety and Use

Read this section carefully, as you will find valuable information on how to use this device safely in all situations.

Download User Manual

Please read Alcatel TCL A1X user manual thoroughly before you pry open the phone. This way, you will be able to get the most of the phone easily without any need of trial and error.

Alcatel TCL A1X A503DL User Manual (1 MB)

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