Alcatel TCL LX User Manual (TracFone)

User manual is the document to support, train and assist customers when they buy a product. This also can be found if you buy TracFone Alcatel TCL LX A502DL mobile phone.

Alcatel TCL LX User Manual

The Alcatel TCL LX A502DL user manual provides information that the users frequently keep asking which is about some technical problems. Here are some pieces of the user manual that very useful for us.

All about Your Phone

This content describes how to get started with your Alcatel, home screen, keys, and connectors. Especially in keys and connectors, you will find an explanation about the term of each part of your mobile.

In the other side, getting started part is all about how to set up your phone including installing or removing the SIM card and microSD card.

Meanwhile, the details of home screen part describe display icons, how to use the touch-screen with different ways and status bar where you can view both phone status and notification information.

Call and Contacts

Be equipped with pictures, phone section describes placing the call, including an emergency call and an international call. Moreover, it also explains about answering or rejecting a call, calling the voicemail and what else we can do during a call.

In addition, this part also tells us about accessing call log by touching from the dial screen, view the detailed information of call and to clear the entire call log.

The contact section discusses adding a new contact, editing contacts, managing contact groups to communicating with your contacts. How to import, export and share contacts also can be founded here.

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Text Input and Message

Unlike the other user manuals, Alcatel phone has special text input section. It tells us about using the onscreen keyboard which is the android keyboard. It also guides us to edit text, including how to cut, copy, paste and share.

That section is useful for the next instruction which is about the message. The message describes creating, editing and receiving SMS and MMS with the mobile phone.

The MMS part also guides us on how to access the camera, gallery, entering sound recorder and sharing the location.

Google Applications

Firstly first, as Google’s web-based email services, this user manual guides us accessing Gmail and how to use it more. It is all about receiving, reading, replying and forwarding emails. It also explains how to manage Gmails by labels.

Moreover, this document specifically discusses Google applications. Start from Chrome, Play Store, Youtube, Drive, Play Music, Play Movies, and many more.


Common subject about connectivity nowadays is how to connect yours with the internet. To connect to the internet, Alcatel TCL LX gives you choices to connect by the 4G network, Wi-Fi and most important to virtual private networks plus sharing your phone’s mobile data connection.

The other explanations about connectivity are connecting to Bluetooth devices and connecting to a computer by USB cable. In certain points, the user manual will give the lamp picture as an icon about tips before you do something.

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Other Apps

There are so many sections which can’t describe one by one, for instance about the other applications. The two main additional applications that describe in this document are calendar and clock.

It will inform you about the essentials of a calendar, such as multimode view, creating new events and making event reminder.

Clock section guides you about how to set an alarm, timers, world clock and countdown. The Alcatel TCL LX mobile phone has a built-in clock. You can access this function by browse the app drawer and then choose the clock app.

Camera and camcorder is also the main application that this document discusses. It has important tips about lens before you use your camera to take pictures or videos.

Download User Manual

That is the summary of the Alcatel TCL LX user manual for you. By reading this document, you will give yourself the time to prepare and set up your mobile phone.

In addition, you will also avoid “ask for help” part or searching online if you face any problem in the future.

Alcatel TCL LX User Manual (589 KB)

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