Alcatel ZIP LTE User Manual (TracFone)

Learn more about the definition and function of the Alcatel ZIP LTE (A577VL) user manual, along with the reason why you should take time to browse through its content before getting started with this phone.

Alcatel ZIP LTE User Manual

TracFone Alcatel ZIP LTE user manual is a guide book. Just like any other guide, it will help you understand the way, the history, the safest way to use the phone, and of course how to make every single aspect of this phone works the way it supposed to be.

It is highly recommended to read this user manual before you started with the mobile device. This way, you will be able to figure out how the phone works in general.

If you encounter any problem along the way, don’t forget to consult this manual. TracFone Alcatel ZIP LTE (A577VL) user manual contents are:

Your Mobile

This chapter consists of 3 main topics, the key and connectors, getting started, and home screen.

Everything about key and connectors including its name and function was described in the first part.

The second part will give you the idea on how to charge the battery and power off the phone.

The last part shows you how to use the touchscreen, the meaning behind all the icons on the screen and so on.

Text Input

This chapter talks about text input. You can enter text, number, symbols, emoji and even voice input using the available guide in this chapter.

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Phone Call, Call Log, and Contacts

It’s all about the phone call. Learn how to make a call, accepting or rejecting a call, and calling your voicemail.

Want to add a call during a call? Or do you want to change the phone ringtone? You can find it in this chapter.

This chapter also let you know how to add and edit contacts, sync the online contact, and so on.

Messaging, Gmail and Email

Learn how to write a message, send a text message or multimedia message, and attach certain files including pictures and contact from this chapter.

At the same time, find out how to set up a new account and write an email, also from this chapter.

Calendar, Clock, and Calculator

The calendar function on this phone allows you to do more than just figure out the date and months. You can create a new event and invite people at the same time. Or, you can set an event reminder.

The same thing goes with the clock. You can use it to know the time, set an alarm, timer, countdown, and also to view the world clock. And of course, there is a calculator to help you calculate all those numbers.

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Getting Connected

You should not have any problem while trying to get connected with other devices if you take the time to read this chapter.

This chapter consists of 5 topics. They are connecting to the internet, connecting to Bluetooth device, connecting to a computer, sharing the phone’s mobile data connection, and connecting to VPN.

What kind of connection that you are going to make? You will find the guide in this chapter.

Multimedia Applications

Do you know how to use the camera and camcorder on a phone? This Alcatel ZIP LTE user manual will tell you how to do that along with more additional information.

It tells you how to adjust a number of settings in framing mode and choosing the perfect shooting mode.

This chapter also talks about other multimedia applications available in this phone including Gallery and Music.


What about radio, sound recorder, and files? How to use those functions? This chapter specifically talks about those things.

Google Applications

Alcatel ZIP LTE comes with several pre-installed Google Applications. They are Play Store, Chrome, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive, Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Duo, and Photos.

This chapter will tell you all about each of those apps, what they are, and how to use it.


Want to change a certain setting of Alcatel ZIP LTE? You will know how to do it from this chapter.

This chapter consists of 5 topics and they are the suggestion, wireless & network, device, personal, and system.

For example, the personal topic tells you about the settings of location, security, accounts, language & input, and also backup & reset. You should read through the whole thing to figure it out.

Download User Manual

What is the right time to read TracFone Alcatel ZIP LTE (A577VL) user manual?

Anytime, before you get started with this phone, when you encounter any issue with the phone operation, or when you want to know about a certain aspect of this device. Just keep it near your reach for future reference.

Alcatel ZIP LTE User Manual (2.6 MB)

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