Coolpad Catalyst User Manual (TracFone)

Coolpad Catalyst user manual provides users with informative instructions regarding various phone configurations. There are network settings, interface, and many more.

Coolpad Catalyst User Manual

Welcome to Coolpad Catalyst user manual. You might think reading user manual is just a time wasting activity. It’s the other way around actually.

You can get so much from a little book just from sparing a few minutes or so. That’s why it’s better not to skip reading this.

An effective way to read this manual is by skimming its index first. You can head straight to chapters you want to read and skip the ones you don’t want to.

But if you have more time, it’s better to read everything because who knows what kind of hidden tricks you can encounter if you read it thoroughly.

These are what’s on the Coolpad Catalyst user manual:

Getting Started

First, you’ll see illustrations of the phone’s front and back view. This part of the manual explains every part and component of the device. You’ll also get to know each function of the main keys (Power, home, and recent buttons).

Then the manual shifted to things you can do before turning on your phone. There is an instruction on charging the battery before use.

There’s also instruction on inserting the SIM Card and the memory card. Lastly, the manual shows you how to turn on and off your phone.

That’s not the end of this section. Users also get a brief explanation of the phone’s interface. Know what touchscreen gestures are out there, while also read about the layout of Home Screen and App screen. Learn how to customize the home screen because tips about Widgets and shortcuts are available here too.

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Settings chapter covers configurations available when you click the Settings app. The manual walks you through each of these menus in several parts.

There is Display menu, where you learn about font size and wallpapers. Location introduces you to GPS and its features. Meanwhile, Quick Settings explain menus available when you drag the notification panel down.


To protect your data, section Privacy is the part of the manual you should pay attention to. Learn about Google account privacy setting, where you can choose between turning your history on or off.

Also, learn about adding a guest user to your phone. It’s useful if you have multiple Google account.

Optimization and Networks

Here, you’ll learn about managing downloaded files, setting the alarms and optimizing battery life.

You’ll also read about connection settings, such as wireless and Bluetooth. Lastly, you will learn about monitoring your internet data usage.

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This manual explains all apps in this one single section. First, you’ll read the basic communication apps such as Phone, Messaging, Email, and Contact.

Configurations covered here including how to send and receive a text, how to set up and sync an email account, and how to make a phone call.

You’ll also read small but useful tips such as using next word suggestion with the keyboard, using Gmail app, and exploring the call log.


It’s time to play with the camera. Here, you’ll learn everything from taking a picture, creating a video, to exploring the Photos app.

There’s also a guide for when you want to share your picture to the world using the sharing button. The Photos section also includes data backup and syncing your picture across devices using a Google account.


If you want to get detailed information about your device, this section is what you need. You’ll see the specifications table for the phone and the accessories included.

There’s also a list of in-box content. You can use it as a checklist to make sure you get every component and accessories included when you purchase the phone.

Health and Safety

Safety information is one of the most important parts of this manual. Here, you’ll learn about safety precautions such as choosing the proper power supply unit, travel safety (aircraft trip and road safety), and many more.

Read carefully about battery information and precautions. Charging using the dedicated charger and detecting a leakage are among the warnings written here. Make sure you pay attention on the dos and don’ts.

Download User Manual

Finally, you reach the end of Coolpad Catalyst user manual. You’ll find yourself not regretting every minutes spent reading it.

You’re equipped with a proper knowledge of your device now, from the easiest configurations to the more sophisticated one. By reading this manual, you have turned yourself from an average user to an advanced user.

Coolpad Catalyst User Manual (542 KB)

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