Coolpad Rogue User Manual (TracFone)

Coolpad Rogue user manual is short but informative. Taking only a few minutes to read, it covers common configurations you can do with your phone. It’s advisable to read.

Coolpad Rogue User Manual

Coolpad Rogue is a cool phone. However, you might need help in understanding it. Thankfully the model comes with a manual called Coolpad Rogue user manual.

Overall, the manual is quite straightforward. You can peek the first page where a welcome message from Coolpad is written.

Coolpad explains why you need this manual and what are things you should pay attention to. Ideally, you read the manual before the first time use, as explained in the welcome page.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can pick the book anytime you want. It’s better late than never to get some information.

The Coolpad Rogue manual covers several sections, as follows:

Getting Started

In Getting Started, the manual first introduce the device layout. Get to know what each component is for. Next, you’ll read about power and battery. Included here instructions on turning the power on and battery charging.

That’s not the only thing you should do to get ready. Further, you will get instructed to insert the cards, both the SIM card and the memory card. If you’re not sure how, don’t worry because a helpful illustration is available here.

The next thing you learn is what users face after the phone is finally up and running. Familiarize yourself with the home screen layout and the menus.

There’s also a guide in customizing your Home screen, such as adding widgets, add, edit, and remove an app.

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Sound Settings

This section is a quick guide about configuring anything audio related. Users can learn about adjusting volumes, whether it is Media, Alarm, or Ring volume. You also read how to set a ringtone of your liking here.

Display Settings

Display section includes a manual on adjusting font size and brightness. It also teaches users not to change the wallpaper and lock screen. The section also covers screenshots.

Every phone model has its own mechanism in taking a screenshot. It can take a Google search to figure it out. But with this manual, you don’t have to because it’s included here.

Notifications and Quick Settings

Quick settings feature is helpful for accessing the most frequently used configurations. Learn what are each quick setting menu means and how to turn them on or off. This section also explains how to use the notifications panel.

Data Management and Optimization

Here, you’ll learn all about managing your data and your privacy. Read about transferring your data safely via USB file transfer.

For privacy, there’s a step-by-step guide for creating a guest account, control your Google search history and other privacy settings.

There’s also a part discussing about managing your data usage, managing downloaded files, and optimizing the battery life.

Wireless and Bluetooth

It’s time to connect to the internet. Here, users will be taken through all the connection settings. A part of the section is dedicated to all things Wi-Fi.

From connecting to a Wi-Fi network, disconnecting from one, using the airplane mode, and using advanced Wi-Fi options for more configuration.

Apart from the internet, there’s also a guide on connecting to a Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth part is very thorough. Explained here all the process necessary such as Bluetooth pairing, changing the name, searching and aligning to other devices, and unpairing.


The section app may look like it’s not much, but it’s packed with enough information. You’ll learn about communication apps such as Phone, Message, and Contacts.

You’ll learn about Camera and its features. Lastly, there’s short information regarding Google apps and services.

Specs and hardware

If you want to know the complete specifications of your phone, this section is what you should refer to. There’s detailed information about your phone hardware and software information.

Learn what is the actual resolution of your phone screen or how much megapixel your camera has. You’ll also get a list of accessories included when you purchase the phone.

Safety information

The last part of the user manual contains health and safety guide. You’ll read about electrical safety, precautions, safe usage, and many more. There’s also information about your device warranty.

Download User Manual

Coolpad Rogue user manual can be described in these few words: short but informative. It’s perfect for you who have a little time to read a manual.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can head to contact page where a link to their official website is provided.

Coolpad Rogue User Manual (496 KB)

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