Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit User Manual (TracFone)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (S367VL) user manual is the source of information of this mobile device, made by Samsung and it contains everything the owner of the phone will ever need to operate the device safely and smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit User Manual

What is exactly TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit user manual really is? Is it really important to have this user manual?

Just like the name stated, this simple book is a user manual or a guide book. It will guide you and other owners of the phone step by step on using every single aspect, functions, and features of the phone.

Is it important? Yes, it is. Just imagine how are you going to operate the phone if you don’t have something to guide you.

You can experiment with it, but what is the success rate will be? If you don’t have a guide such as this one, you will end up with error most of the time.

With a user manual such as this one, there is no need for trial and error. Guarantee you will succeed on the first attempt.

The content of TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (S367VL) user manual is listed down accordingly and they are:

Special Features

This is where you should go if you want to know about the special features of Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit including Hi Bixby, direct share, media volume limiter, and multi-window.

Getting Started

Are you curious about all those buttons and ports on this phone? This section is for you. It will tell you the name and functions of each of those buttons.

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Set Up Your Device

Before you can use the device, set it up first. Set it up by removing the back cover, insert the SIM card, turn it on, and so on. Don’t forget to check this section to find out more about it.

Learn About Your Device

With so many panels, icons, and marks on this phone, it may be tough to understand it all.

Do not need to worry, because this section explains it all including the right way to use a touch screen.


Not only it tells you all about the apps on Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit and how to use it, this section tells you about something else.

It will show you how to organize apps into a folder, change the way apps are displayed, install, uninstall, disable, or hide apps.


Do you want to find certain settings or settings in general? This part of this user manual will show you how.


There are all kinds of connections you can try with Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit. This part of this user manual will tell you all about it.

It speaks about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile networks, mobile hotspot, location, nearby device scanning, and virtual private network.

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Sounds and Vibration

Every interaction you made with this phone is accompanied by a certain kind of sounds and or vibration. You can configure sounds and vibration for each interaction to suit your need.


Do you want to receive alerts for new changes on your apps, newly available updates, or new messages?

You can select which apps you want to receive alerts from and you can find out how to do it in this section.


Change the screen brightness, screen timeout delay, screen quality and everything else by following the guide on this part of the user manual.

Device Maintenance

This section let you know everything about Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (S367VL) device maintenance.

Specifically, it talks about quick optimization, battery, storage, memory, device security, language and input, date and time, report diagnostic information, reset, and auto restart.

Lock Screen and Security

Keep this phone safe and secure by following the guide in this user manual. There are many ways to keep data safe.

You can start with lock the screen, using a secure folder, encrypt SD card, and also update the security system.

There are more of this aspect include secure startup, app permission monitor, and advanced security setting. You will find all of it right in this section.


Manage all of your accounts from email accounts, social media, sharing accounts and so on easily using the guide available in this section.


There is no reason why people with certain physical disabilities such as those with vision and hearing problem can’t use this phone.

This section of Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit will explain the special features it has to help those people.


There are other kinds of information available in this user manual. Read it to find out about dual messenger, managing game features, where to get more information regarding this phone and so on.

Download User Manual

Each section of Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (S367VL) user manual explains a different topic in detail.

If necessary, it also provides step by step guide to achieve a certain purpose. What else do you need? Everything is already available right here on this user manual.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit User Manual (TracFone)

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