Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime User Manual (TracFone)

What is Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (S337TL) user manual? A user manual or user guide is a simple yet informative book about a specific device. In this case, it contains specific information regarding Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime User Manual

What does it mean it was an informative book? It was an informative book because, on the inside, you will find complete data and instruction on how to operate every single aspect of the phone.

Who will get the advantage from this user manual? Every single owner of Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime will get the advantage, only if they take time to read through the whole thing and not just let it laying somewhere.

Do you want to know what kind of information you will find inside Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (S337TL) user manual?

You will find several chapters, where each has information about a specific aspect of the phone, and they are:

Special Features

Samsung user manual always places this chapter at the beginning. This way, the phone user will know exactly what kind of special offer that this manufacturer has to offer with this product.

For Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime, the special feature it has is a side speaker.

Getting Started

In any kind of user manual for a mobile device like this, you will always found a similar chapter.

The Getting Started chapter in this user manual will guide you step by step, one at a time on the things you should know before you operate this phone.

There are two important things you will learn in this chapter. You will find how to set up the device and of course, learn about the device itself.

The set up the device section will tell you how to assemble the device, using the device, and set the whole things up.

If you want to know how to release the back cover, how to install SIM card, how to use set up wizard, and how to install the phone’s battery, this is the place to go to.

The second things you will find in this chapter are about the device. Read this chapter to find what is on the home screen, what is emergency mode, what is multi window, and what do all those buttons and port are used for.

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This chapter only talks about the application on Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime. If you want to know to operate a certain app, this is where you should go.

You will also find out how to uninstall or disable an app, how to change the apps are displayed, organize apps into a folder to make it look neat, and everything else.


Don’t like the default ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (S337TL)? Check out this chapter to find how to change it.

You also can change the settings on other aspects of the phone. Customize the display, lock screen, notifications, device maintenance, and other aspects to suit your need.

What about people with certain physical disabilities? Will they still able to use this phone? Yes, they can.

You can change the setting to make it easier to use. This chapter will tell you exactly how to do that in the accessibility section.

There are so many changes you can make to this phone. This way, this mobile device will work exactly the way you want it.

Getting Help

When you feel like you need more information about Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime or just Samsung in general, go to this chapter. It provides you the link to the places where you can get the information you need.

Right now, the available additional resources are in a video, simulators, tips, and Samsung Support.

Download User Manual

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (S337TL) user manual was built as the source of information for the user of the phone.

If you are looking for reliable and trustable information regarding this phone, no need to look further. Just get this user manual both in soft files or print edition and keep it nearby.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime User Manual (2.2 MB)

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