Samsung Galaxy J3 Top User Manual (Tracfone)

Get to know the content of Samsung Galaxy J3 Top user manual and figure out whether it was really worth to read through the whole thing to understand more of this mobile device.

Galaxy J3 Top User Manual

If there is one thing that could help you to know more and to know better about Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J3 Top, then the Galaxy J3 Top user manual is the one.

This user manual is your guide to work through the maze of this mobile phone. Everything about the phone from the physical and non-physical aspect was discussed in there.

What kind of information you will find inside this user manual? Let’s take a peek into the list of its content and see what is inside. They are:

Samsung Care

This part informed you where you can get additional information about this phone. You can visit the available link to get more tips, get the solution from other Samsung customer, and also where to contact Samsung for more support.

About Your Phone

What is about Samsung Galaxy J3 Top that you need to know? This part talks about the physical button, the port, and the camera on this phone.

Set Up your Device

Set up your device involves many things. This part talks about it all. This is the guide on how to release the back cover and insert the SIM Card. This is also the one that shows you how to charge the phone correctly.

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Customize your Device

Samsung Galaxy J3 Top user manual also shows you how to customize the device. This way you can change the way and feel of the phone.

The customization aspects you can work on are the wallpaper, theme, widget, home screen settings, lock screen, sounds, and so on. Make sure to check this part if you want to know more about customization.


What is Bixby? How does it works? How to use it? You will find all the answer to those questions on this part of this user manual.


Do you want to find a specific setting, apps, or contacts stored on this phone but you don’t know how? This part of this user manual will guide and show you the way.

At the same time, you also can learn how to create an app shortcut and how to create apps folder to simplify everything.


What good a phone could be if you can’t use it to call someone! What you will learn from this section is all about calls.

It shows you how to make a call, end it, reject it, answer a call, and also how to access your voicemail.

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Create a new contact, edit it, and delete it. Those are the kind of information you will find in this section. It was so easy to understand, where even a beginner could use it in no time.


No more trouble on creating a new message and send it to your friend and family once you read this section. Sending a message through a phone is one of its basic functions.

That is why Samsung galaxy J3 Top user manual provides a guide for it, to ensure everyone knows how to send a message with this phone right away.


Capture the valuable moment in your life with the camera on this mobile phone. If you don’t know how to take a picture and record a video, make sure to read this section.

Read and follow the step by step instruction available in there. In no time, you will have tons of pictures and videos that record every moment in your life.


Samsung Galaxy J3 Top allows you to connect to other devices with Bluetooth and connect to the internet with Wi-Fi as well. It is so easy to do that. This section gives you step by step on how to do those things.

Learn More

Do you want to learn more about the device? Thankfully, Samsung Galaxy J3 Top comes with a specific app called Help.

This is where you can learn more including the accessibility setting, personalized device support, health & fitness, backup & restore, and also how to download apps.

Download User Manual

As you can see, Samsung Galaxy J3 Top user manual indeed have everything you need to know about the phone. It gives you step by step instruction on how to operate every single app and function of this phone.

It also gives you the link on where you can find more information about the device. What is more to expect? With all those benefits, make sure not to dismiss Samsung Galaxy J3 Top user manual.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Top User Manual (310 KB)

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