How to fix battery draining too fast on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown

Your phone’s battery is draining too fast? Solve it using Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting tips and tutorials provided in this article.

battery draining too fast on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown

Smartphone today, like your Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown typically has a battery that would last until the end of the day.

But if you find yours requiring more than two or three rechargings on regular use, you might want to check if there’s something wrong. A healthy battery is important for a phone to be reliable.

This tutorial covers how to fix battery draining too fast on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. Below, there is a list containing several steps and quick fixes to return your phone to its supposed state.

There’s also some advanced troubleshooting methods. Let’s check them out.

Restart the device

The first and simplest step is to restart your device. It will erase and stop any occurring glitch or any bugs on apps.

When you boot up the device again, check again whether the problem persists. If it does, move to the next tutorial.

Charge the battery in the right way

Follow these tips on how to charge the battery to prevent battery drain on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Don’t let the battery drain until 0%. Avoid using your phone until it runs out of battery completely.
  2. Recharge your phone when it reaches 10% and below. The perfect time to recharge is around this percentage (10%).
  3. Wait until the charging is completely finished. Avoid using the phone while it’s plugged and charging. This will extend your battery life and makes it last longer.
  4. Use the original accessories. If you use unofficial accessories for charging, try to go back using the original charger. An unknown OEM charger could degrade your battery and make it drain faster because it could have the incorrect voltage.

A good charging habit can go a long way. If you haven’t been doing this, there’s a good chance your battery start to lose its capacity, hence it drains quickly. Follow the steps above as it will recalibrate the battery to its original capacity.

Inspect the physical condition of the battery

Explained below how to check the physical condition of the battery when it’s draining to quickly:

  1. Examine for any physical damage. If your phone had experienced a fall recently, there’s a possibility that the battery is also affected. The same can be said when you accidentally spill water to your phone. If you find any damage, bring it to the repair center for a replacement.
  2. Consider the age of the battery. The older the battery, it’s normal for it to lose capacity. Consider replacing with a new one.
  3. Check the surrounding environment. High temperatures can affect your battery’s health significantly. Avoid putting your phone inside a hot car or near a heat source such as a fireplace. Not only it will damage the battery, but it also increases the risk of potential short or even explosion.

So, that’s how to fix battery draining too quickly on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown related to hardware issues.

It’s also important to check your current environment. Apart from temperature, also consider humidity. Low humidity can trigger electric short while high humidity causes corrosion on the battery. Both can be dangerous.

Check for any app that’s causing battery drain

Do these step to fix any app that’s causing the battery to drain quickly:

  1. Go to “Apps.” Tap the icon to open the apps drawer.
  2. Open the “Settings” app. Tap on the “Settings” icon then tap “Battery.”
  3. Review the data. Here, you will see a list of apps installed on your phone along with how much battery percentage the apps used. Use the information to determine which application you need to uninstall in order to preserve the battery life.

Once you found the problematic ones, uninstall the apps. If you still need the app, use in moderation and turn off background data.

Apps could be the reason behind the over-draining battery. This method helps you find out any app that’s secretly hogging power without you’re realizing it.

Configure display settings

Here’s how to adjust the brightness to prevent the battery from draining too quickly on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Go to Apps > Settings. Tap the “Settings” app, and locate the “Display” option.
  2. Tap Display. Find the slider under the “Brightness” option.
  3. Adjust brightness. Drag the slider to the left to reduce your phone’s brightness.

Meanwhile, here’s how to reduce screen timeout on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Go to Apps > Settings. Once inside the Settings app, tap “Display.”
  2. Tap “Screen timeout.” Then pick how long the display would stay awake before it goes to sleep mode.

The large percentage of a phone’s battery mostly goes to the screen. To help minimize power consumption, reduce the brightness and screen timeout by following the tutorial above.

Turn off wireless features

Connectivity features such as GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi uses a lot of power even when you’re not using them. They could be the reason behind your battery issue.

To deactivate them, pull down the quick menu settings from the top of the screen, then tap on each icon (Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi).

Turn off the Sync feature

Here’s how to disable the Sync feature on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Go to Apps > Settings. Swipe up to reveal the app drawer, then tap the “Settings” icon.
  2. Tap “Account.” Then tap on the account whose Sync feature you want to disable. It depends on what you use (Google/ Samsung account/ Email). Whichever it is, just tap the account name.
  3. Disable “Sync”. Tap the slider to turn “Sync” off.

Aside from turning off GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, it’s also recommended to turn off the Sync feature. Sync synchronizes your data across devices. It uses internet connection in the background, therefore it consumes energy constantly.

Sync icon is also located on the Quick Settings menu. If you can’t find it, the tutorial above shows how to disable it via the Settings app.

Restart with Safe Mode

Reboot your phone under Safe Mode. Safe mode helps you find out any third-party app that might cause the problem. Once your phone is on Safe Mode, use it for an hour or two and check if the battery drains at a normal pace.

If it does, it means a certain app is responsible for the battery drain. Uninstall any recently downloaded app then boot the phone normally.

Inspect your device signal

Here’s how to fix battery drain because of a poor signal on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Use Airplane mode. Turn off any attempt to catch a network signal by enabling Airplane mode. Note that you won’t get any calls or notifications using this method. Disable Airplane mode once you’re on an area with better signal.
  2. Use Wi-Fi. If a Wi-Fi network is available, connect to it instead of using mobile data.
  3. Move to a better location. Find an area with better coverage. If you’re inside a building, for example, you can move closer to the window.

Low reception drains your phone’s battery. When a device struggles to catch a strong signal, it uses more energy than usual.

The lower the coverage, the faster your battery drains. Use the fix above to solve this coverage-related battery problem.

Updating the software

For battery issues related to firmware, you can try updating your device software version to the latest one.

It’s possible that the new upgrade will get rid of any bug found in the older version, including bugs that are causing abnormal battery drain.

Wipe cache partition

Cache partition store old software update data. An old bug stored in this partition could be still disrupting the system and causing problems, although you have upgraded the software. To get rid of this bug completely, perform wipe cache partition on your device.

Perform a factory reset

Ultimately, you can return your device into its original state when it just came out of the box. Using factory reset, you will erase all apps, data, and settings on your current phone. It’s a must to backup all files and data before proceeding.

Opt for factory reset only if you have tried everything software-related fix but failed. And when you are sure that there’s nothing wrong with the physical condition of the battery, the network, and other possible external causes. Consider factory reset as a last option.

Here we are at the end of this tutorial. We’ve covered all kinds of possible causes of battery drain.

Hopefully it answered your question on how to fix battery draining too fast on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. Now, go and apply the manual above to improve your phone’s battery life.

Lastly, if you have something to add, write us something in the comment section below. We appreciate your input so we can provide better and more thorough information in the future.

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