How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown if You Forgot the PIN / Pattern / Password

This article explains Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting method for getting locked out of your phone because you forgot its pin / pattern / password.

Galaxy J7 Crown Reset PIN Password

There’s nothing more annoying than having a phone you can’t access. Getting locked out of your own phone can ruin your day as you can’t call, text, or accessing the internet.

Since communication is important these days, having a working phone is crucial to be productive.

When this occurs, you can perform this Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting by yourself. In a moment, your phone will be unlocked. There are several methods you can pick, depending on what tools and information are available with you.

Here’s the detail on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown when you forgot the pin / pattern / password.

How do I unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown using my Google account?

To do this, here we described how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown using Google account:

  1. Connect to the internet. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. This procedure needs a working internet connection.
  2. Enter the password / pin / pattern incorrectly five times. This step is to make the “Forgot pattern” menu appear on the screen.
  3. Tap “Forgot pattern.” Then you will be redirected to the Gmail account login page. Make sure you know your email and password.
  4. Enter your email and password. Enter the required information to the fields available.
  5. Tap “Sign in.” Wait until the authentication process is finished. And congrats, now your device is unlocked.

Unlocking using Google account is the easiest way to log back in. It doesn’t require another tool (e.g a computer), and you can do it in less than 5 minutes. As long as you know what’s your password is and the phone has an internet connection.

How do I unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown using Android Device Manager?

Read below on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown using Android Device Manager:

  1. Go to: Using a browser in a PC or another phone, access this page.
  2. Sign in using the Google account of your phone. Make sure you know which account is connected to your device. Enter the username and password on the required field and click “Sign in.”
  3. Enter a temporary password. In “Android Device Manager,” select the device that’s locked, click “Lock” then enter a temporary password.
  4. Click “Lock” again. A confirmation will appear showing options “Ring”, “Lock,” and “Erase.” Choose “Lock.”
  5. Go back to your phone. You will see a new field appears on the screen. Enter the temporary password there. Your phone then will be unlocked.
  6. Disable the temporary password. Once you have successfully unlocked your phone, go to the Settings app to delete the temporary password.

This method could be another Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting alternative if you can’t access Google Account from the locked phone.

This will require you another device, a phone or a computer because you need to use the browser.

How do I unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown using Samsung’s Find My Mobile?

To use this method, follow this list on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown using Samsung’s Find My Mobile:

  1. On a computer, go to This is the page where you will find the unlock configuration.
  2. Enter your username and password. After typing on the available field, click “Sign in.”
  3. Search for the “Unlock” icon. You will see a map and the last known location of the device. On the right, find “Unlock” and click it.
  4. Enter the Samsung password and confirm. Enter again your credentials when asked.
  5. Now your phone is unlocked. Check your mobile to see if it’s unlocked. Afterward, go to the Settings app to reset the password.

If you have a Samsung account, you can use “Find My Mobile” feature to unlock your device. This method is pretty much similar to using a Google account. You will also need a computer / phone with a browser.

So, that’s what you can do when your phone is locked and you forgot the unlock code. There’s also another method of unlocking: factory data reset.

However, this method comes with a downside: You will lose all your data, especially since you can’t do any backup. Do this only when you have no other option.

That’s all the possible Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting when you can’t remember your phone’s pin / pattern / password. Do comment if there’s anything you want to add, or if there’s any question. Thanks for reading!

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