Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Troubleshooting (Part 3)

The part three of Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) troubleshooting focuses on network problems such as bad reception, dropped calls, and hotspot issues.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Connection Problems

Another day, another issue to deal with your Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. This phone itself is quite a reliable one, but after some time of use, having an issue or two is nothing but normal.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the solutions to those issues. It’s important to know how to fix your device.

This part dwells into miscellaneous Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting such as speakers and signal issues. Just in case you missed out, there are part one and part two of this article.

Otherwise, proceed to read the tutorial below. Hope you learn a lot by the end of this article.

How do I fix my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown that turns off by itself?

When this problem occurs, follow the steps below on how to fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown that turns off by itself:

  1. Drain the battery. Let the phone runs out its power and shut down by itself.
  2. Recharge until full. While keeping the phone shut down, fill the battery up until 100%.
  3. Use the phone until it runs out of battery. Then restart the phone and use it until the battery is drained again.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3. Do this procedure one more time and see if the problem ceases.
  5. Do a factory reset. If steps 1-3 fails to bring back your phone to normal, you have no choice but to do a factory reset. Back up your data before doing this procedure. You may also want to turn off any lock/anti-theft feature.

A phone that keeps shutting down by itself doesn’t send a good signal regarding its health.

Before taking it to a technician, you can do some first aid procedure by yourself. Your phone may behave that way because of a minor firmware or battery issue. At worst, you may also need to do a factory reset.

How do I fix slow mobile data speed on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown?

Described below how to fix slow mobile data speed on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Restart Mobile Data. The first thing you can do when this issue occurs is simply restarting your data. You can do it in the pull-down Quick Settings menu. Tap on the “Mobile data” icon, wait for 30 seconds, then tap on it again. See if the problem persists.
  2. Try at another time. When a lot of customers are trying to connect to a tower at the same time, it could make the network jammed. This often happens during busy hours. Try to connect again later.
  3. Check whether or not you have an active service. Your mobile data speed could be low because you’ve reached the limit of the allocated data balance on your current plan.
  4. Reset network settings. Return your phone’s network configuration to its original state. To do this, go to Apps > Settings > Reset network settings. Then tap “RESET SETTINGS.”
  5. Restart your device. If the slow data speed is caused by a minor glitch, a simple restart could clear this issue. Reboot your device normally and see if the problem goes away.
  6. Try to connect in Safe Mode. Restart your phone under safe mode. If everything runs normally there, it means there’s a third-party app that’s causing the data speed to be slow. Uninstall the most recent apps one by one to find the culprit.
  7. Wipe cache partition. Enter the Recovery Mode and erase the cache partition. This procedure will remove possible bugs and glitches caused by old software update data.
  8. Do factory reset. If you’ve tried everything but they don’t resolve the issue, you can try the final fix: Factory reset. This procedure will delete all your apps and files. It’s important to backup your phone first before proceeding.

Galaxy J7 crown is an LTE capable phone. It supposed to have a lightning-fast connection with mobile data. Unless you’re intentionally limit the speed, your phone should load web browsers and social media quickly. If you detect your phone is slow when accessing the internet, apply the fixes above.

How do I fix call volume too low on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown?

To solve this issue, try the following on how to fix call volume too low on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Check the device for damage. Make sure your phone isn’t broken, caused by a fall or a bit of water that enters the speaker. Damage could wreak havoc to your phone’s audio system. If it’s a physical defect, you have no option than bring the phone to a professional.
  2. Check the accessories. Make sure there‚Äôs no earphone connected to the headphone jack. If you’re indeed planning to use an earphone, make sure that’s the accessories you’re using are working properly.
  3. Disconnect any Bluetooth device. If your device previously connected to a Bluetooth device (eg. speaker, earbud), you need to disconnect them so the built-in speaker can function again.
  4. Check the volume. Simply check whether or not the volume level is adequately set using the Volume keys. You can also turn off silent mode or “Do Not Disturb”. You can do this in Apps > Settings > Sounds & Notifications.
  5. Perform Soft Reset. If the volume issue is because of a minor glitch, it should go away by restarting the phone. Soft reset your phone and check if the problem ceases.
  6. Update the software. Firmware issues could be the culprit behind the low volume. Check for any software update addressing this concern. By updating to the latest version, hopefully, it would get rid of any bug from the previous version.
  7. Uninstall problematic apps. Remember what’s the last app you had installed before encountering this issue. Try to uninstall it because this app could be the cause of your phone’s low volume.
  8. Do factory reset. Lastly, if you’ve tried everything and the problem still exists, try factory reset. It will erase all data while returning your phone to its original factory state. Do not forget to back everything up.

There’s plenty of reason why you can’t hear anything during a phone call. Check out the methods above to find what’s causing it. Apart from those, it’s also worth to check whether the person at the end of the line is not close enough to the speaker. Sometimes a human error is also a possible cause.

How do I fix speaker not working on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown?

Consider the following steps on how to fix speaker not working on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Remove any accessories. If you still have anything plugged into the headphone jack, remove it. This includes earphones, external speakers, selfie stick cable, or other accessories.
  2. Disconnect any Bluetooth devices. Especially if you regularly use wireless earbud or wireless speaker. If a Bluetooth speaker is connected, the audio output coming from your phone will go to that Bluetooth speaker instead of to your phone’s built-in speaker.
  3. Restart the phone. If you’re sure no accessories or external device is interfering but the problem persists, try rebooting the phone.
  4. Test the speaker. Play some music and using the Volume keys, try to increase the volume up and down. This is to ensure low volume isn’t the problem.
  5. Try Safe Mode. Reboot your device under Safe Mode to see if the speaker is working properly under this state. If it does, uninstall any recent app added to your phone because it might be the app responsible for this issue.
  6. Perform factory reset. As a final solution, do a factory reset to your phone. Returning the phone to its original state can solve most problems on your phone. Be sure to do phone backup because everything will be erased.

Another common Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting method is how to fix the loudspeaker. If you find it not producing any sound one day, do the steps listed above. You also need to clean the speaker for any dust and debris. Although rarely fatal, a dirty speaker can make the sound comes out badly.

How do I fix my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown that keeps dropping calls?

This list describes how to fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown that keeps dropping calls:

  1. Check the placement of the SIM card. Take out the SIM card from its tray and reinsert it. Your card could slightly shift from its location and causes an error. Also, check the SIM card for any scratch or damage. Replace it if necessary.
  2. Contact the carrier for possible outages. The source of the problem could lie in your carrier. Contact them if there’s any trouble. They usually will tell you what to do if an outage does happen.
  3. Try another time. An overloaded cell tower can interfere with your call. The network usually drops some calls if it can handle many connections at once. Try again in a less busy time.
  4. Try in a different location. Low coverage can also drops calls. Check the signal indicator on your phone’s status bar to determine the network strength. If it shows low signal, move to a different location.
  5. Soft reset the phone. To get rid of a possible minor bug, do a soft reset.
  6. Try Safe mode. Restart your phone to Safe mode. There, try to make a call and see if it’s dropped. If everything runs alright, a recent app may be causing the dropped calls issue. Uninstall that app and test again.

A phone that constantly drops calls can ruin your supposedly productive day. To troubleshoot this, check out the points above for some quick and easy fix.

As a last resort, you could try doing factory reset. Of course, do not forget to back everything up beforehand.

How do I fix low signal issue on my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown?

Follow these instructions on how to fix low signal issue on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Restart your phone. Power your phone off and let it shuts down for thirty seconds. Then hit the Power key to turn it on again.
  2. Restart the mobile data connection. Pull down the Quick Settings menu from the top of the screen. Tap on “Mobile data” icon to turn it off. Then tap again to turn on. This will make your phone re-attempt to catch a signal.
  3. Verify your account and services. Your carrier may lower the mobile data speed if you have reached a certain limit, depending on the contract of your plan. Make sure everything is in order when it comes to your account and service.
  4. Check the coverage. Trees, buildings, or thick walls prevent your phone from getting a strong reception. Move to a more open area to get better signal.
  5. Check the network configuration. Go to Apps > Settings > Connections. Tap Mobile networks > Network operators. Then tap Select automatically. This will make your phone capture the correct connection.
  6. Restart the phone. Restarting the phone force it to make a brand new connection to the tower. You can get a better signal by doing so.
  7. Inspect the SIM card. Verify the placement of your SIM card, as well as its condition (damaged/scratched). Make sure everything is alright.
  8. Try Safe mode. Reboot your phone under safe mode to determine the suspicious app that may cause this issue. Later, uninstall that app then boot your phone again normally.
  9. Wipe cache partition. This procedure will remove firmware bugs that may be the reason behind your phone’s low signal issue.
  10. Factory reset the phone. Only do this when everything else fails. This step will return your phone just like when it came out of the box. Since all data will be deleted, don’t forget to do a backup.

Low signal means a bad reception. Apart from phone issues, a weak signal could also mean an issue with the network. Before doing the last step, factory reset, make sure you rule out an overloaded network or another carrier-related issue.

How do I fix mobile hotspot issue on my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown?

Listed below several tips on how to fix mobile hotspot issue on Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown:

  1. Checking the basics. Make sure you have your account ready and have enough data balance to share via the hotspot.
  2. Check the hotspot availability. Your phone may be hotspot ready, but it still depends on the carrier whether or not tethering is allowed. Contact your carrier’s customer service about hotspot availability with your plan.
  3. Rebooting the phone. If you suspect the issue comes from your phone, try rebooting the device. It’s best to wait for at least 30 seconds before turning it on again.
  4. Test mobile hotspot under Safe mode. This is to check for a downloaded app that likely causes the problem. Remove the recently downloaded apps and restart the phone.
  5. Updating the software. Upgrade to the latest version of your phone’s operating system. There may be bug fixes that could resolve this issue.
  6. Do a factory reset. Backup your data first and do this final step if everything else didn’t work.

Almost every smartphone these days come with Hotspot and tethering capability. This feature allows users to share their internet connection with other devices. It’s not uncommon to find issues when you want to use the hotspot. The fixes above will tell you what to do.

Finally, we have reached the end of this tutorial. Combined with the material from part one and part two of this tutorial series, it’s safe to say we have covered most of Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting methods.

Don’t forget to bookmark this article for safekeeping. Because who knows, you might need it in the future. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about this article in the comment section below. Inquiries and suggestions are also welcomed.

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