Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown User Manual (TracFone)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) user manual, the answer to your quest of finding everything about this mobile device, so read on to find out what makes this simple manual book as an important thing to have now and then.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown User Manual

There are reason that makes Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown user manual as an important thing that every owner of the phone must have. It is all about valuable and trustable information.

Inside this user manual, you will find everything about Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. It means everything and not just bits of it. Everything you need to know, everything you want to know, and everything you should know are all in there.

As the owner of Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown, you need to know all about it, inside and out. This user manual will help you to get to that point.

If you want to understand the phone, how it works, what kind of thing that it can do and so on, this is your answer.

When you open it, you will come across many topics. Skip the topic you already know and go straight to the one you are looking for, or, for a newbie, read the whole thing from the beginning to the end.

Here is the list of the topic inside TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) user manual:

Special Features

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown has several special features that you may or may not find in other Samsung devices.

These special features are Hi Bixby, face recognition, direct share, media volume limiter, and multi-window. In order to figure out what do these features can do, read this topic.

Getting Started

Read more to know about the physical aspect you will find in this phone, both on the front and the back of it.

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Set Up Your Device

Set up your device by installing SIM Card, memory card, charging the battery, turn the device on, and set up your account. If you don’t know how to do that, this is the topic for you.

Learn about Your Device

What do you know about Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown? This mobile device packed with so many applications and key features. The “Learn about your Device” contain information regarding all those things.

This is where you will find information about the screens and icons, how to navigate the device, the notification panel, emergency mode, and also how to enter text using the keyboard.

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This one list the entire apps you will find already installed within Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown such as the gallery, Google apps, messages, Samsung Gear and so on. Not only list them down, but it also tells you how to work with each app.


You can figure out how to configure your device’s connections and settings in here. It tells you how to access the settings and how to search for specific settings.


Living in the modern world is all about connection. You can connect to all kind of network with this phone.

This part of this user manual will give you more info about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, nearby device scanning, connect to a printer, VPN, and so on.

Sounds and Vibration

Learn how to configure sounds and vibration for all types of interaction including phone calls, messages, notification, screen touches, and alarm.


Which apps do you want to receive notifications from? Find out all about it in this section.


This topic covers everything about the display. It talks about screen settings, screen brightness, blue light filter, zoom, screen quality, and one-handed mode.

Device Maintenance

Keep your device in top shape. Find out all about device maintenance such as quick optimization and software update in this section.

Lock Screen and Security

There are so many things regarding phone security that you may never know about. You will find everything in here including screen lock type, encrypt SD card, and credential storage.


You can have more than one accounts with this phone including Samsung and Google accounts. Read on to figure out how to do that.

Other Settings

There are more about Settings here including how to manage game features, device assistance app, and dual messenger.

Getting Help

It will show you where to go to get more help to learn more about this device and also more about Samsung.

Download User Manual

Those are the topics you will find inside Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) user manual. Surely at this point, you can see how valuable and helpful that information is.

Make sure to read it before start using the phone and keep it around for future reference.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown User Manual

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