Samsung Galaxy J7 Top User Manual (TracFone)

Samsung Galaxy J7 Top user manual is an easy manual to read. The layout is simple while also packed with information, from basic configuration to advanced settings.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Top User Manual

When confronted with the idea of a user manual, you might think about a boring technical document. However, if your phone is Samsung Galaxy J7 Top, you don’t need to worry.

You’ll understand when you open the pages of Samsung Galaxy J7 Top user manual. Because you will see a book that could be fun to read.

The reason being, this manual is written in big fonts. You’ll feel like you read a brochure instead of a serious document with small letters. It’s well designed and comes with a lot of illustrations inside. You can understand a certain configuration with only a quick glance.

Here’s what you will learn inside the Samsung Galaxy J7 Top user manual:

About your phone

Before everything, you have to familiarize yourself with your phone first. This section will guide you with an infographic showing the front view and the back view of your device.

The picture explains all parts and components users should know. Each comes with an indicator explaining what the component’s function is. There are the USB port, power button, volume button, and many more.

Set up your device

Let’s set up the phone for the first time ever. As shown in the manual, you will need to insert the SIM card and the microSD card on their tray.

Learn how to using the SIM tool available in the box. Here, you are also advised to charge your phone fully before turning it on.

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Customize your phone

Users can change the look and feel of their phone by doing some customization. The manual will teach you how to change the wallpaper on your home screen and lock screen.

You’re also welcomed to try various themes, drag some widgets to your home screen, and adjusting the display brightness.


Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby is one of the special features here. It gets its own dedicated pages in this manual.

Learn about using it to set reminders, search something on the internet, and access contents on your phone. Samsung also attached a useful link for further information.


This section teaches you how to utilize the all-in-one Samsung’s search function. You can search for many features from apps, contacts, settings, and many more.

This chapter also teaches you about apps management. For example, creating apps shortcuts to the home screen and adding apps to a folder.

Calls & Contact

Calls and Contact are among the basic apps this phone has. The Calls section informs you about its features. Learn how to access voicemails, make a phone call, answering and rejecting incoming calls. There’s also a tip on routing your call to voicemails.

Meanwhile, in Contacts, the manual provides guides on creating a new contact, editing an existing contact, and deleting one.


Another basic app covered in this manual, Messages section tells users how to compose a text message, entering the recipient, as well as receiving and opening a message.

You’ll also able to add sticker and GIF on your messages, make sure to learn how to attach one and make your message more fun and interesting.


In Camera, you’ll learn the basics such as taking a photo, using the zoom feature, swiping to take a selfie, and recording a video.

You will also learn the more advanced features including selecting a shooting mode for a manual picture-taking and taking a picture while simultaneously recording a video.


This section covers all things about connecting your device to the world. Whether it is the internet or other devices, Connections section includes everything.

Learn how to connect your phone to Wi-Fi. Read about initiating a connection to another device using Bluetooth. In a breeze, your device will be ready for internet and Bluetooth pairing.

Samsung Care

If the manual isn’t enough for you, you can seek further assistance with Samsung Care. No need to Google beforehand because this manual includes a number of links you can visit for more information.

You can also contact customer service. A phone number to their customer service is also listed in this section.

Download User Manual

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy J7 Top user manual is that technical document you would not hate. Its simplicity is its strength.

Packed with information, the little book is definitely helpful. You will also get another tip on using Samsung’s built-in Help apps. You can get information such as back up and reset with only a few clicks.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Top User Manual (326 KB)

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