LG Fiesta 2 User Manual (TracFone)

LG Fiesta 2 (L164VL) user manual contains basic information regarding the phone’s software and hardware. There also guides for apps, personalization, and advanced configurations.

LG Fiesta 2 User Manual

What is the best way to understand a phone? If you just buy a phone, learning its manual is the answer.

That’s why it’s useful to grab a copy of LG Fiesta 2 (L164VL) user manual. If you have a brand new LG Fiesta 2, the manual is your best friend while starting things out.

LG is never complicated with their manual. You’ll see a document that’s easy to read. Let’s check out what’s inside.

Custom-designed features

In its manual, LG often highlights the special feature in the beginning. In the case of LG Fiesta 2, it’s Multi-Window feature.

Multi-Window lets users open two apps at the same time on one screen. Here, you will learn how to access this function on LG Fiesta 2.

Another special feature introduced here is Quick Share. It’s the ability to share a picture immediately after taking it.

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Basic Functions

In general, Basic Functions section is divided into two main parts, the hardware, and the software. In the hardware part, you will get introduced to the parts and components of the phone. Meanwhile, the software part explains the user interface of the phone.

1. Hardware

Here, you will learn about battery, the SIM card, and SD Card. There are basic guides on turning the power on and off, understanding what are the power control options, and charging instructions.

Make sure you’re inserting all the card properly by reading this part before doing so. There are also some tips to preserve your battery life.

2. Software

This part informs users about Touch Screen gestures, Home Screen, Lock Screen, and the keyboard. Notifications icons and status icons are also covered here.

This section is especially useful if you are new to Android. Learn how to navigate between apps, accessing the app list, and gestures and touch functions.

For advanced users, this part of the manual explains some features that are intriguing to have, such as the memory card encryption. Make sure to read carefully when performing encryption since you can risk data loss.

Another feature worth to try is the secure startup of LG’s KnockOn / KnockCode mode. It’s one level ahead of securing your phone, compared to the native Android lock screen.

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Useful Apps

Moving to apps, first, you’ll learn the basic in downloading, installing, and uninstalling apps.

With this phone, uninstalled apps don’t get deleted completely. They go to a “trash can” which can be retrieved later when you change your mind. Useful Apps section shows how to access this unique feature.

1. Communication apps

What is a phone is they’re not a communication device, first and foremost? Here you’ll learn about making calls with the Phone app, sending text messages with Messages, and managing your friends’ phone number in Contact.

There’s also a guide for email. From setting it up for the first time to writing, replying, and managing emails.

2. Multimedia and entertainment apps

After you’re done with communication apps, not it’s time to check out Camera, Videos, and Music. This section teaches you how to utilize your phone for leisure activities.

Learn how to take a picture and what are the features of the Camera App. Learn about playing your favorite music and turning the FM Radio on. It’s all entertainment in your pocket.

3. Utility apps

Your phone can also be a reliable assistant. With apps such as Clock, Calculator, and Calendar, you can turn your phone into a helpful device for your day-to-day activity.

If you don’t know how to use those apps, this manual is here for you. Even if you’re pretty familiar with productivity apps, you can still find some new useful tips, especially from LG apps like QuickMemo+.

Phone Settings

The last section is all about configurations, from Networks, Storage Space, to Security. Learn about Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, and Bluetooth.

Learn types of method in protecting your phone either with passwords, PIN, or pattern. Things can get technical here, so you might need to be more focused when reading.

Download User Manual

To summarize, LG Fiesta 2 L164VL user manual covers both the basic and the advanced configurations. It caters to new users as well as the experienced ones.

Whichever you are, it’s worth it to spend several minutes to study the manual. There’s always something new to discover even if you think you knew a lot already.

LG Fiesta 2 User Manual (850 KB)

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