LG Premier Pro User Manual (TracFone)

A short description of LG Premier Pro user manual, to help you understand the point of having this manual guide, and also the type of information you will find within.

LG Premier Pro User Manual

To the owner of LG Premier Pro, do take a seat and read through the whole content of LG Premier Pro user manual before you start using the phone. Why? Because it has complete information about the phone.

Anything you wish to know about LG Premier Pro is available in this manual. It covers every aspect, especially the operational aspect.

Once you through with this manual, you will be able to operate every single aspect and function of the phone. It means you don’t have to play the guessing game. No need for trial and error, not when you have something to guide you.

There are several chapters to be found inside LG Premier Pro user manual and they are:

Custom Designed Feature

This is the first thing that you will find inside every single manual for LG’s phone product. It highlights special features carried by each phone.

Inside LG Premier Pro user manual, this chapter describes 2 features, the multi-tasking feature, and quick share.

The multitasking feature allows you to use two apps at the same with multiple windows. While quick share feature allows you to share something immediately.

Basic Functions

Once it describes the special features of the phone, the next thing in line is the basic function of LG Premier Pro. This is the must-read part, especially for those who never use a phone before.

This chapter describes a lot of things. For example, it describes product component and accessories, listing the items that included with the device.

There are also parts overview, the guide on how to power on and power off the phone, and inserting the memory card.

That is not all. In this chapter, you will find more explanation about the basic function of the phone. If you are looking for an explanation about the touch screen gesture, then this is the chapter you should read.

Useful Apps

The basic function chapter describes the basic part of LG Premier Pro operation. This chapter describes more about the pre-installed apps on this mobile device.

It starts with a short description on how to install and uninstall an app. After that, it describes a specific app called app trash. This is a special app that allows you to view the uninstalled app and reinstalled it within 24 hours.

After that, you will find the list of available apps, each with its own description. What kind of pre-installed app that you will find on LG Premier Pro? There is plenty of it, including phone, messaging, camera, gallery, email, calendar, clock, quick memo+, music, tasks, and Google apps.

Phone Settings

Now, let’s go to the next chapter. This is about phone setting, which you can customize according to your preference.

What kind of customization that you can do with the settings? Well, you can change the wireless network settings, sound setting, smart cleaning setting, language, accessibility, and even shortcut key. Want to know more, check this chapter out.


This chapter describes 4 main points. They are the phone software update, FAQ, anti-theft guide, and more information.

If you want to know the kind of problem you might encounter while using LG Premier Pro, along with the possible solution, go to this chapter.

This chapter also will show you the way to keep the phone safe from the unwanted party by setting a screen lock and set Google account.

For your Safety

LG Premier Pro is an electronic device. Caution is a must, to make sure you stay safe and to prevent any damage to the phone.

For that reason, make sure to read this chapter carefully and thoroughly. It will guide you through all the things that may endanger you and the phone.

Download User Manual

What is the point of having LG Premier Pro user manual? It is the only thing that you need if you want to enjoy the optimal performance of LG Premier Pro.

Either you print it into hard copy or keep it as soft copy in your phone, just make sure you always have it around for future reference.

LG Premier Pro User Manual (972 KB)

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