LG Rebel 3 User Manual (TracFone)

LG Rebel 3 user manual is like a faithful companion of LG Rebel 3. Informative, detailed, and definitely useful. It’s worth to read and it’s worth to keep for later use.

LG Rebel 3 user manual

Understanding an LG phone might take some times, especially there are some model-specific features available. This is where a manual becomes handy. This is why a smart user would read it.

Inside, users are provided with detailed information about the phone. Be it a generic setting or an advanced configuration, the manual covers everything.

LG makes sure that no information is left for users. Looking at how important the manual is, it’s only fitting if you read it. Especially during the first time use.

These are the sections on the LG Rebel 3 user manual:

Custom Designed Features

In their manuals, LG often highlights their special features first. Under the title of “Custom Designed Feature”, the section introduces users to Multi-Window.

Learn how to use two apps at the same time by reading this part, as well as using the overview feature. Overview lets you take a peek of the recently opened app.

Another highlighted feature in this section is Quick Share. It lets you share pictures immediately after taking it. Learn what are the sharing preferences available as well as which buttons you should click to activate this feature.

Basic Functions

Moving on, there’s Basic Function. It’s where you can read the essentials of your device. The section starts with parts overview. Get to know which one is the earpiece, ambient light sensor, microphone, or the speaker.

Some LG features such as Capture+ can be turned on by pushing certain buttons. There are some other generic feature you can find here.

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This chapter also includes the basic such as charging the battery prior use, power control options, and inserting memory cards.

TracFone LG Rebel 3 (L158VL) using a removable battery. If you want to detach or attach the battery, learn the instruction on how to properly do it to avoid any damage.

This manual seems to put quite an importance for the battery. There is a list of warnings and precautions regarding this phone’s component. You’ll also learn about using the battery effectively.


Here, the chapter helps you familiarize yourself with touch screen gestures. From pinching, touch and hold to dragging, everything is listed and explained.

Next, you’ll read about the interface layout. Manage all apps, widgets, and folders with the help of instructions available here.

Apart from that, you’ll learn about the home screen layout with an illustration showing Status bar, page icon, home touch button, and many more.


Using screen lock, you can guard your phone against prying eyes and unauthorized users. This section will help you with its configuration.

There is the manual for setting a screen lock and customize it with wallpaper, clock, and contact info for a lost phone.

You also need to check out Smart Lock, a feature which lets the phone to be automatically unlocked when near certain places, voices, or devices. You can also learn about LG Knock On and LG Knock code.

Knock On is a way to unlock your phone with double tap gesture. Meanwhile, Knock Code lets you unlock your phone by tapping a specific location on the screen.

Security covers memory card encryption. Encrypting a memory card might sound tricky. But all you need to do here to follow the instructions closely. Memory card encryption makes your memory card inaccessible if inserted to other devices.


If there’s any cool trick to learn in this manual, it is how to use the keyboard effectively. These are a lot of you can do with the keyboard.

This model offers users split keyboard and one-handed mode feature. It also has audio input, Clip Tray to cut images and texts, and smart keyboard feature. Learn all of them here in this section.

Useful Apps

A section focuses on apps this phone has. There are communication apps such as Phone and Message. There’s also utility apps such as Calendar and Calculator. The section also covers Camera, Video Player, Gallery, and Music Player.


Learn all about settings here. From connecting to networks, adjusting display and sound settings, to storage management and data privacy. Every menu on the Settings app is explained here.

Download User Manual

To conclude, LG Rebel 3 (L158VL) user manual is like a faithful companion of LG Rebel 3. It’s there when you need help, so it only make sense to keep it even after reading it.

You can also dig deeper to the last pages, where you can read information regarding warranty and safety precautions.

LG Rebel 3 User Manual (882 KB)

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