LG Rebel 4 User Manual (TracFone)

LG Rebel 4 user manual explains every feature this phone has. Pay attention to special features, it’s the most exciting part. Common configurations are also covered.

LG Rebel 4 user manual

As the 4th generation of the model, LG Rebel 4 (LML212VL) has come a long way. It offers better features than its predecessor.

LG Rebel 4 user manual will walk new users through the features available on the phone, especially all those new ones. You are advised not to skip this manual.

Serve as the guidebook of TracFone LG Rebel 4, you can find everything about the phone inside. Apart from special features, you can read about basic configurations to get started.

The manual also covers plenty of other information which is far from basic. It’s a book packed with useful information.

Sections inside the LG Rebel 4 (LML212VL) manual including:

Custom Designed Features

This section highlights special features unique to LG phone. Introducing Flash Jump-Cut, a way of making GIF directly from your camera. Read the instructions and share some cool GIF afterward. You can also make a GIF out of a video recording.

Another feature is the Create Movie menu. By putting together images and videos, you can make a movie with just your gallery app. Learn the tutorial for it, including how to select files, delete, rearrange, and previewing the movie.

Lastly, LG also introduces its multitasking feature “Multi-Window” in this section. Learn how to open two apps simultaneously on one screen. The manual includes the configuration guide for the multi-window feature as well as a guide for overview screen.

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Google Assistant

Although more of a Google service, LG includes Google Assistant among the highlighted features of this phone. In this part, learn how to launch the digital assistant from your home screen. Learn how to set up the voice command so you can activate the assistant with your voice.

Parts and components

Learn what are items included with your device and each of its description. An illustration of the phone’s layout shows each part of the phone, both the front view and the back view.

LG still sticks with a removable battery. Hence you will find instructions on how to install and remove the battery safely.

You should also read some precautions regarding the phone, such as never let water enter the inside of the device or make sure to use the official accessories only.

Home Screen

Get to know about your home screen in this section. It’s part of the initial steps on knowing your phone better.

In the manual, you’ll get an explanation about home screen layout, folders, widgets, and shortcuts. You’ll also learn about status icons and indicators, as well as the notification panel.

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Make your phone less boring by configuring the wallpaper with your favorite picture. You’ll also read about picking a custom theme, changing the ringtones, and set the screen transition.

Learn about a secret gesture you can do if you want to take a peek on your wallpaper fully without the apps icons distracting you.


It is important to lock your phone with screen lock options such as PIN, password or pattern. Although those are explained here, that’s not the only security feature this phone offers.

Learn about Secure Startup, where you can encrypt your data stored on your phone. Other features include Knock On and memory card encryption, both have their own dedicated pages in this section.

Useful Apps

Anything you need to know about apps configuration is written in this section. It starts with instructions on installing and uninstalling an app.

Next, you’ll read about Phone, Messages, Email, and other basic apps. They’re also a brief explanation about Google apps and services, as well as Camera and Gallery app.

What’s exciting is the LG apps. Learn about QuickMemo+, LG’s advanced note taking app that comes with many features. Other LG apps here including App Trash and Smart Cleaning.


Setting covers network configuration, display setting, storage and accounts, and sound settings. Anything to fine tune your phone into an effective device is explained here.

You can read about connections via USB or Bluetooth. You will read about Wi-Fi, VPN, and data usage.

In short, Settings is for those users who want to get technical. You don’t have to read everything. You can check the index and go straight to configuration you need to know.

Download User Manual

LG Rebel 4 user manual sounds like not only informative, but it also sounds fun to read. It’s always exciting to discover the new features.

If you still want to know more, you can find More Information page on the manual. There, you’ll be presented with several links for more resources and further information.

LG Rebel 4 User Manual (1 MB)

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