TCL A2X (A508DL) User Manual

TCL A2X user manual summary, insight, and download link. Discover A2X essentials features and services in one compact documentation.

TCL A2X Manual

A user manual is an official document accompanying the release of a phone. If you’re an avid smartphone user, you might think you won’t need a manual. But make no mistake, a manual still provides valuable information, especially the ones that are specifically related to the specific features of the brand.

That’s why it won’t hurt to read the TCL A2X (A508DL) user manual before you get started. Find helpful knowledge you can easily apply. The good thing about this manual is that it’s quite short.

You will only need a few minutes to complete reading it. Here’s what readers will encounter inside the manual:

Your Mobile

The first section in this manual covers the introduction part. It has the basic information for the owners of a new TCL A2X. You will see a figure of the phone’s front, back, and side views. Along with indicators for components users should know.

Then there’s the sub-chapter Getting Started. As the names indicate, you’ll read about the first time setup. Activities covered in the guide include SIM card installation, Home screen introduction, and how to lock/unlock the phone.

Text Input

Here, readers will learn how to type and use the touch keyboard. Included here the tips for using the Google keyboard, from typing normal texts to using an emoji. Also learns gestures for basic text editing such as copy, cut, and select all.


We all know that the Phone app is for calling. But if you still need tutorials on call, this section is what you’re looking for. Learn how to place a call, answering or rejecting a call. Call logs management is also a topic that’s discussed here.


This is the dedicated section for the Contact app. The tutorials available here is how to create, view, and edit contacts. You can also share contacts, export them, and sync via a Gmail account. With step-by-step instructions, contact management is easy with this manual.

Messages and Gmail

These two short sections explain the most common communication means on a phone after calls: texting and email. Learn about sending texts if you don’t know how to do it. The email sub-section covers Gmail Signup and log in. Then there’s a tutorial about sending and replying emails too.

Getting Connected

A phone nowadays is not fully functioning without an internet connection. That’s why getting connected is important, either using the 4G network or Wifi. Set it up using guidelines shown in this section. You will see a step-by-step tutorial for each of the connection types.

Make sure not to miss on another type of connection: USB connection. This is more for data transfer but included in this section nonetheless. Lastly, you will also read about managing downloads on the Files app.


TCL A2X user manual summarizes the GPS feature on this phone in one short section. It’s still quite informative despite it’s only one page. Here you will learn a bit about switching on the GPS feature. Afterward, move to the part where the manual gives an overview of how to use the Google Map app.

Data Backup

Data backup enables you to export and sync your phone settings to a secure third party location. This is what this section is about. Safely secure your data using the Google Account. The tutorial is also useful when you want to migrate to a new phone.

Factory Reset

Then there’s the factory data reset section. Factory data reset is one of the most common troubleshooting methods. It returns your phone to its factory state. Don’t worry about making a mistake when doing factory reset. The manual provides thorough instruction for this procedure that is easy to follow.


The section Applications only tells the general information about apps on TCL A2X. What kind of apps that are available and how to download more through the Google Play Store. This section also mentions internal storage and how to view its usage.

Download User Manual

TCL A2X user manual is more of a short guide. It’s compact and packs mostly the essential. That makes the manual a document that won’t make you bored or confused with too many technical terms.

Even if you don’t like reading, give this manual a go and download it to your phone. Let us know your opinion about the manual through the comment section below.

TCL A2X User Manual (352 KB)

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