Unimax U504TL User Manual (TracFone)

User manual for Unimax U504TL holds various information regarding the phone. Find out what that information is, who will get the benefit from this manual, and how to use the manual to achieve those results.

Unimax U504TL User Manual

Important notice, before you turn on your new TracFone Unimax U504TL, you better start with its user manual. Unimax U504TL user manual will come in handy for anyone who uses the phone.

It works great for the novice who never uses any kind of mobile device before or even those who already had their hands on several other phones before.

Now, what advantage you will get from this user manual? Plenty of it. Want to know about the phone specification? This user manual has it all.

Want to know what kind of app available in this device? This user manual lists everything down for your sake.

What if you encounter a problem with the device? Surely you will find the answer or at least a clue on how to fix that problem within this manual.

As you can see, there are so many good things you will get from this manual.

The content of Unimax U504TL user manual was broken down into several sections and they are:


In this section, you will find a complete specification of Unimax U504TL from the display, camera, dimension and weight, memory, OS, connectivity, sensors, and power management.


Always start with the basic stuff. With Unimax U504TL, it means you need to learn about what is in the box, phone overview, and battery.

That is not all, learn how to turn on and off the phone, and where to put MicroSD card.

You also will find basic stuff about touch screen operation, on-screen keyboard, and text editing.

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Getting Started

Now you know about the basic, let’s take another step ahead. This section holds the information you need to know when you start using the phone.

Start with setting Google account, because you won’t be able to download anything without this account.

After that, find out more about home screen; customize it, the icon display, and notification panel.

There are more to find in this section. There is something about sleep mode, switching between applications, volume adjustment, connecting the phone with computer, and searching the phone and web.

Phone Calls

You can do more than just making a phone call. This section will tell you all about it including how to using voice dialer, listening to voice mail and using in-call options.


Where to save your contacts number? This section explains everything about contacts, where to save it, edit it, and so on.


Send and receive messages is still a popular way to communicate with others. This section talks about messages, send and read a message, emergency alert message, and message settings.

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Unimax U504TL equipped with several Google apps. They are Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Play Music, and Google Play Store. Get to know all about those apps in this section.


Are you ready to surf the web? You can figure out how to do that in this section. It discusses Chrome, YouTube, WI-Fi, and downloads. Each of these apps was placed inside Unimax U504TL to help you surf the internet easily.


Bluetooth is a popular method to connect with other devices such as computer and smartphone. This section will guide you on how to use Bluetooth.

It has the instruction on how to connect with other devices, how to disconnect and un-pair it, and how to send and receive information with it.


Want to have a little fun with this mobile device? Why don’t you take pictures and record a video with its camera and camcorder? Or, you can record any sound you like. This part will tell you all about it.


Get ready to be more productive with a clock and a calculator. Don’t know how to use it? Check this section to figure it out.


You can change the settings on this smartphone the way you want it. There is no need to stick on the default settings.

This section laid out what settings you can change and how to do it. Don’t forget to read the firmware upgrade part. This way, you can upgrade the phone’s firmware for better performance.

Safety and Use

Do not neglect this part. It contains information to ensure your safety. Read the safety precaution, general precaution, and everything else before you start using the phone.

Download User Manual

Once you finish reading this user manual for Unimax U504TL, you can start with the phone.

Armed with reliable data and information inside this user manual, your experience with this mobile device will run smooth with fewer problems.

Unimax U504TL User Manual (739 KB)

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