ZTE Blade T2 Lite User Manual (TracFone)

ZTE Blade T2 Lite user manual consists of both basic and advanced information regarding this model. It also offers links to more resources such as ZTE online community.

ZTE Blade T2 Lite User Manual

There are several reasons why a user should read ZTE Blade T2 Lite user manual. Especially when the phone is new.

First, you’ll get a lot of useful information about your new device. Second, you can find helpful tricks about optimizing your phone. These two is only a few benefits among many.

The manual covers everything from basic introductory information to the more technical configurations.

When a problem occurs, you can ask some troubleshooting tips from the manual too. Not only that you should read the manual, but also you are advised to keep a copy just in case.

Here’s what you will find inside the ZTE Blade T2 Lite manual:

Getting Started

Before turning on your phone, you have to install the Nano Sim Card and the microSD card first. You can do it with the help of Getting Started section.

The section comes with illustrations. So you will know exactly which slot is for which card. There is also information about battery installation, and how to power on/off your phone.


Included in this section are system language setting, Date and Time, and how to change ringtones, notification or alarm sound.

You’ll also read about tinkering your phone’s look with wallpapers and themes. To make your home screen experience more interesting, learn about the Home Screen transition effect. You can find it on the last part of this section.

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Knowing the Basics

What this manual means about the basic is as follows: Monitoring the phone status, managing notifications, icons, shortcuts, and widgets.

You’ll read about the meaning of each icon and indicator. Whether it is a notification icon, a status bar icon, or a quick setting icon.

There’s also an explanation if you want to re-arrange your app screen appearance by creating shortcuts.

Lastly, there’s a section dedicated to the keyboard and the split screen feature. It concludes this basic section.

Connecting to Networks and Devices

Learn how to enable data access by connecting the phone to the mobile network or Wi-Fi. That’s just the basic. Further, you can learn more about VPN, roaming, access point names, and preferred network type.

For Wi-Fi, there are advanced Wi-Fi settings such as installing certificates and selecting network rating provider.

Communication Apps

This part of the manual consists of several sections including Phone, Messaging, Contacts, and Email. In short, all the communication app this phone provides.

Learn about managing your call, adding a contact, working with email, and many more. Don’t forget to read a unique feature called Wi-Fi calling. It’s a feature where you can use just Wi-Fi to make a phone call. No third-party app is required.

Multimedia Apps

After communication, multimedia apps fill the next pages. You’ll read about working with your camera using the shooting modes available. You can also learn the best way to record a video.

Gallery, Music, and Video Player are next multimedia apps explained here. If you want your phone to be your mini entertainment center, this section is what you should focus on.

More Apps

More Apps mainly covers utility apps such as Calendar, Clock, and Calculator. These are helpful apps for your daily activities.

Learn how to set a reminder with Clock, creating an event with Calendar, or using a converter with Calculator. This section helps you to get more productive by making your phone a digital assistant.


Any configuration that hasn’t been mentioned before is covered in this General Settings section. It covers security, such as creating a password and PIN.

It also explains location service and apps permission. Basically, it contains advanced tools for customizing and configuring your phone.

Upgrading & Troubleshooting

This section is the reason why you should keep a copy of the manual. You might need it later. Software Upgrade section tells you all you need to know about upgrading safely.

Troubleshooting contains popular issues users often experience on their phone. Be it a problem in connecting to a network, battery problems, phone crashes, and many more.

Problems are laid out on a list at a table. The ZTE Blade T2 Lite manual explains each possible cause complete with solutions to solve them.

Download User Manual

Overall, ZTE Blade T2 Lite user manual is worth to read. If there’s anything you need to know but isn’t available in the book, you can refer to ZTE community page.

It’s a section with information about ZTE online community and ZTE customer service. It’s where you need to go when you have a specific question.

ZTE Blade T2 Lite User Manual (584 KB)

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