ZTE ZFIVE C LTE User Manual (TracFone)

Get to know more about valuable content of TracFone ZTE ZFIVE C LTE (Z558VL) user manual, fill with tons of information about this ZTE mobile device to help you the owner of the phone to understand it better and faster.


Anyone can benefit from TracFone ZTE ZFIVE C LTE user manual, both new user and those who used it before. This manual fills with instructions and step by step guide on how to use the device.

ZTE ZFIVE C LTE can perform so many tasks thanks to its many features. As the owner, it is important for you to understand it all, or at least know the gist of it.

This is where the user manual comes to the rescue. With so many features, it could be tough to keep it up with all of it.

With a user manual such as this one, whenever you need to know about specific features in this phone, all you have to do is to take a peek in this manual and get the answer right away.

Now, to give you the idea of the kind of information available within TracFone ZTE ZFIVE C LTE (Z558VL) user manual, let’s take a look at its content:

Getting Started

This section will help you to get started with this phone. It tells you how to insert SIM Card, charging the battery, locking/unlocking the screen, using the touch screen, getting to know the home screen, and so on.


Follow the guide in this section to give a personal touch to this phone. You can learn how to change wallpapers, changing screen brightness; change the system language, screen locks, and screen pinning.

Knowing the Basic

You need to know the basic of the phone before you can do something more complex and advanced with it.

This section tells you all about it including how to manage notifications, entering text, and how to use two apps in split-screen mode.

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Connecting to Network and Devices

Do you want to connect to other networks and devices with this phone but don’t know how to do it?

Read this section that will guide you to connect this mobile phone to WI-FI, Bluetooth, VPN, and other kinds of connections.

Phone Calls

Find out more than just how to make and receive a call. There are other things to do such as using options during a call, managing multi-party calls, and adjusting your call settings.


At this day, there are so many things you can do with your contacts. This section will explain not only how to save new contacts, but also how to set up your profile, sharing contacts, working with a group and favorite contacts and so on.

Web Accounts

This section talks about two things, how to add / remove an account and how to configure account sync.


Starting with showing you how to set up an email account for the first time, change general email setting, writing and sending emails, and checking emails, this section covers it all.


Even a simple thing such as sending, replying and forwarding a message got its own place in this user manual.


Got tight schedule? Arrange everything with the calendar apps in this phone using this guide.

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This section gives you information on how to capture a photo, record a video, and also customize camera and video settings.


The gallery allows you to find out how to work with albums and pictures, retouching a picture, making a GIF, and play a video.


Listen to your favorite music and arrange the playlist by following the guide available in this section.

Video Player

Manage the video files, open the video library, and play the video is the types of guide you will find in this section.

More Apps

There are more apps that you can work within ZTE ZFIVE C LTE. Read this section to find out more about it.


You can change the settings of wireless and network, device, personal, and phone system by following the instruction in this section.


Improve the phone performance by upgrading its software and you can do that easily thanks to the available instruction in here.

Find the solution for the common issue that happens to your TracFone ZTE ZFIVE C LTE.

Download User Manual

As you can see, the content of ZTE ZFIVE C LTE (Z558VL) is very complete. It covers every single aspect of the phone.

Basically, everything you need and must know is available within this manual. So make sure to keep it around to answer any of your questions regarding this mobile device.

ZTE ZFIVE C LTE User Manual (TracFone)

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