ZTE ZFIVE G User Manual (TracFone)

ZTE ZFIVE G user manual contains guides, information, and instructions about using all the features available. There are also troubleshooting pages and safety warnings.

ZTE ZFIVE G User Manual

To know your phone better, most brands would recommend reading the manual such as TracFone ZTE ZFIVE G user manual.

First, it’s because the manual is a good starting point in using a new phone. It’s comprehensive and detailed. It also prevents users from getting any issue in the future.

Of course, not many would actually take this recommendation seriously. Some would complain they don’t have the time. Some people think it is not necessary.

However, you can be smarter than most people by actually sitting down and read it. You’ll never regret the information you learn from this manual.

Here’s what inside the ZTE ZFIVE G (TracFone) user manual:

Getting Started

In Getting Started, you’ll read about steps need to be taken on initial setup. They include inserting the SIM card and memory card, understanding your phone’s layout, properly charging the battery, and turning the phone one for the first time.

You will also read tips on extending your battery life, unlocking the phone, and an introduction to the phone’s home screen.


Personalizing is all about adding a personality to your phone. Learn how to change the wallpaper, configure the ringtones to a song you like, and setting the theme.

You can also play with shortcuts and widgets. This section explains how to customize them to your preference.

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Knowing the Basics

Not everyone memorizes what every icon means on a phone, especially since every brand is different. When in doubt, you can always consult this specific section. It has a table full of icons and what status they indicate.

Communication Apps

In essence, a phone’s basic function is as a communication device. That’s why this communication apps are explained before any other app.

Here, you’ll read the basic of calling: making a call, accepting and rejecting one, and making a multiple call session. You’ll also read about contact management in Contact and a guide on texting in Messaging.


One of the most important steps to use your phone fully is by creating an account. An account allows you to download apps on Google Play Store. It lets you sync your email on the Email app.

If you have difficulties in setting up an account, this section will guide you through the account creation steps. Even if you already have one, there’s an instruction about account synchronization.


Taking a good picture need some good techniques. When it comes to your ZTE phone’s camera, there are no better instructions than this manual. You’ll read from taking pictures with the auto mode to manual mode.

You will get introduced to the camera’s other shooting modes such as panorama, time-lapse, and multi-exposure. This section also explains how to take a slow motion video.

Music and Video Player

Your phone is more than just a phone. It’s also a pocket-sized entertainment system. Know more about it and learn how to utilize it to the max.

In Music, the manual explains about managing your songs library, importing files to your phone, and setting a song as a ringtone.

In Video Player, you’ll learn about opening video library, playing and controlling a video, and managing your video files.

More Apps

More Apps covers Calculator, Clock, Downloads, File Manager, and Wi-Fi utility. These are apps that can be helpful in your day-to-day activities. So it only makes sense to read this section for guidance.

If you work a lot with audio recording, this section also contains a manual for using the Sound Recorder app.

Google Apps

Google apps may be popular but it doesn’t mean you won’t get any useful information reading this chapter.

In Google Apps, the manual provides a short description of Chrome, Duo, Gmail, YouTube, and many more. There are also instructions on how to open Google services from the app screen.


Settings covers all the configuration your phone offers. There are connection preferences such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and VPN.

There’s also a manual explains the display configuration, battery optimization, memory management, and many more.

Download User Manual

Once you have read all the important parts of ZTE ZFIVE G user manual, you would agree that you have learned something.

From here, you can save the manual for later use. Or you can sit down for a few minutes more and read additional information such as troubleshooting and safety warnings.

ZTE ZFIVE G User Manual (896 KB)

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