ZTE ZMAX One User Manual (TracFone)

ZTE ZMAX One user manual is something you should read when buying this ZTE phone. It might sound time-wasting, but it’s actually the total opposite. It has many benefits.

ZTE ZMAX One user manual

When asked, many would agree that a manual such as TracFone ZTE ZMAX One (Z719DL) user manual is a crucial part of a phone.

However, it tuns out that not many people actually take the time to pick up and read it. A user manual often overlooked, despite how important it is.

We suggest you don’t do such a thing. There are many benefits of reading a manual. It might not always an instant benefit, but in the long term, knowledge is always a good investment.

You will know what not to do with your phone to avoid damage. And that’s only one example.

So, take a good look at this ZTE ZMAX One (Z719DL) manual, which has this information inside:

Getting Started

In this manual, readers start with Getting Started section. From powering your phone for the first time to getting to know the home screen, you’ll be guided through these initial steps.

The section also provides information about battery, cards installation, and key functions (Power key, back key, etc).


With some customizing, you can change how your phone looks and feels to your liking. It means you can change your device system language, its wallpaper or its theme.

You can also select a ringtone. Learn all about them here. You will also read other customization tricks such as setting transition effect and choosing the Home screen.

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ZTE ZMAX One offer screen lock, encryption, and screen pinning as security measures. Pay attention specifically on the encryption feature.

If you plan to encrypt all data on your phone, it’s a must that you’ve read all the warnings and cautions. You might want to follow the instruction meticulously to prevent any issue such as data loss.

Knowing the basics

Folders, icons, shortcuts, and widgets are what this manual defines as the basics. In this section, there are explanations on how to work with the elements of your device interface.

There’s also a part specifically dedicated for status icons, indicators, and notification icons. It comes with a table complete with descriptions of each icon.

Connecting to Networks and Devices

These days, you can’t really use your phone fully until you connect it to a network. Learn about connecting to Wi-Fi or a mobile network to access the internet.

You can also connect your phone to other devices, either with a USB cable or using Bluetooth. The instructions for USB and Bluetooth connection are also available in this chapter.

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Phone Calls and Messaging

Start calling and texting your dear ones as soon as you got all the basics covered. In this chapter, you’ll read through instructions such as placing and ending a call, managing a conference call, and using options during a phone call.

In Messages, the section covers sending, replying, and forwarding a text, among many things you can do on the Message app.

Accounts and Email

Before you are able to use Email app, you need to configure your account first. Learn how to create one if you haven’t had an account yet.

If you have, there’s a guide about logging in and syncing the account to your phone. Afterwards, you can head to the Email section and learn about sending an email or opening one.

Multimedia and Camera Apps

Multimedia apps is where you can get some entertainment out of your phone. Find what you can do with the Music Player and Video Player app, from managing your music playlist to playing a movie.

In Camera, you’ll get tips on better mobile photography by utilizing every feature available on the Camera app. There are manual mode, video stabilization, and collage maker feature.

You can also create a GIF directly from the Gallery app, without installing any third party app.


This section explains menus you can find on the Settings app. Each menu is explained. There are networks, device display, sounds, apps, and many more.

You can also learn some advanced setting including data backup, factory reset, and device administrator. Location setting such as GPS is also covered here.

Download User Manual

To sum it up, ZTE ZMAX One (Z719DL ) user manual is packed heavily with information. There’s no time wasted even if you continue reading to its most technically detailed part.

In the end of the manual, you’ll read about Software Upgrade, Safety, Health, and Warranty. These sections also contain crucial information, it’s better if you don’t skip them.

ZTE ZMAX One User Manual (590 KB)

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